Deutsche Bank Alumni Circle

Former Deutsche Bank colleagues have pursued exciting professional paths and are now in varied and truly interesting roles, such as company CEOs, the leaders of organisations and the managers of projects all over the world. With the Deutsche Bank Alumni Circle we aim to bolster this unique network, maintain valuable connections and bring together current and former colleagues – to reinforce what they have in common and to learn from one another.

Anyone who has worked for Deutsche Bank will always remain a part of it. During their time at the bank senior managers and staff experience situations and build relationships that often have a defining influence on their subsequent careers and open up a wide range of perspectives and opportunities both inside and outside the financial sector.

With this portal we offer former Deutsche Bank staff the opportunity to stay in contact with one another and with the bank. Here you’ll find a platform not only for networking but also for sharing tips about events for making face-to-face contact. And we also keep you up to date with the latest news about Deutsche Bank.

We hope that you will remain an active member of our community and look forward to an intensive dialogue within the Deutsche Bank Alumni Circle.


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