About us

The Deutsche Bank Alumni Circle was founded in 2019 at the instigation of the Management Committee Germany. Karl von Rohr, CEO Germany, is the patron and sponsor of the network.

The Deutsche Bank Alumni Circle aims to provide former Deutsche Bank staff with a platform for maintaining their contacts and engaging in dialogue with other alumni and with the bank.  

With this in mind, Deutsche Bank will organise regular events both with the involvement of the Management Committee Germany of Deutsche Bank and inhouse experts or affiliated firms, companies or partners. In addition this portal is intended to enable ex-DB staff to network with one another, exchange views and keep abreast of the latest developments at Deutsche Bank. The portal will also provide members of the Deutsche Bank Alumni Circle with further information about strategy, personnel announcements and our activities in the fields of economics, politics and society. Exclusive content will also be on offer, where possible.

The Deutsche Bank Alumni Circle has close ties with the Alumni der Deutschen Bank e.V. club that was founded back in 2005.  The latter's mission has been to establish a professional network for former executives of the bank and to cultivate regular dialogue with their former employer. For this initiative and their dedication we are deeply grateful to our former colleagues on the executive committee of the club.

The declared objective is now to eventually merge the club with the new network, Deutsche Bank Alumni Circle, and internationalize it. The new network will be steered by a project group closely linked to the Management Board.

The Deutsche Bank Alumni Circle aims to provide all members with a forum to stay close to the bank but where they can also cultivate trusting relationships and friendships between themselves.